Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Outlining the Tail

At last its all outlined.  Although I like the Bohin Quilt Marker for getting a design onto things, the very quality that allows me to remove it when I'm done makes the lines less than durable when I'm working.  I have to go over them from time to time as they rub off until I get everything lined in.  So now the design is all there.

Now I can begin the fun of embellishing things.  Of course, this will include using small shisha mirrors for the eyes in the tail feathers and one for the center of the heart.  I found a new way of setting a mirror using gold thread that I am eager to try. 

I am still waiting for the rest of the metallic thread to arrive.  I am going to put a gold band around the outside like I did the inside and just have some general fun with the copper and beetle green.  Having the mirrors and feathers to work on will help me be patient, I hope. 

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