Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Playing with Gold

Since the gold on the inner band turned out so well I thought I would try a little something in the wings.  Getting it started is a little tricksy simply because  the thread is fairly stiff.  It has a springy sort of body rather than being silky and flexible like regular embroidery thread.  On the larger wind I started with pinning it using light weight quilting pins, but that just didn't hold it into the right shape.  For the smaller wing I tried a different approach.  I drew the spiral pattern with the Bohin white quilt marker.  then I started in the center and worked outward toward the outer arms.  It worked beautifully and the curves came out much more smoothly.  Yes, I'm very pleased. 

Having gotten the essence of the wing design sketched out, I think I'll start setting the mirrors for the tail today - or perhaps I'll outline the tail feathers and gt that area brought into the rhythm of the design as a whole. 

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