Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thinking of Designs

Even as the smaller Peacock Roundel develops, the large Victorian mirror piece is playing around the edges of my mind.  After working up and discarding a few designs, its doing me a lot of good to be at a distance from it and working on something akin to it but not connected.  This is giving me some perspective and some space for my subconscious to fiddle with details.  I took the cardboard backing out of the frame to use as a template. There were a lot of directions I could go, but it wasn't until a friend commented on one of my Pinterest pins that I made a leap about what to do with that odd sort of squashy top arch.  It was then I made the connection between the late Victorian time period and Art Nouveau.  Suddenly the arch made sense.  Now I have gone haring off after Alfonse Mucha and Gisbert Combaz.  Most people know Mucha's graceful, sinuous women and flowers - very distinctive.  And there's that arch again.

And the clear simple composition and mass dynamics of Gisbert Combaz fit exactly with this technique and the visual impact I want it to have. 

Mix it up with a little of Bilibin's Firebird,
an Art Deco book cover 
and colors from Medieval Persian mosaics,

and perhaps a Palekh box or two

I think I have a plan in sight......

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