Thursday, April 17, 2014

Piecing the Applique

Once I got the basics set on the piece, it is helping me keep my eye straight on the design.  It was now time to put the applique pieces on the peacock's body to give it the background color to stand out from the background and the frame.  I appliqued the colored areas using dupioni silk.  I love the idea of really rocking the colors, and that worked out so well on the Lotus Paisley Box Lid that its something I wanted to repeat.  I found a lot of inspiration for this in the Tenmakers of Cairo video where they demonstrate their technique for applique - brilliant .  I enjoy doing needle turn applique and those tiny pins make it so much easier than regular ones. 
Once the applique was in, I finished the border as far as I could and I could really see where it was going. 

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